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    A Power of Attorney should be part of every adult’s Personal Planning Documents.


    What is a Power of Attorney?

    A power of attorney is a legal document that appoints a person or persons to act on your behalf to make non-medical decisions on your behalf should you be unable due to illness, mental incapacity or are unavailable to sign a legal document when it is required. It is a very powerful document and only a person or persons you trust should be named as your Attorney.



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    Do You Need to Get Your Power of Attorney Notarized?

    In order for a Power of Attorney to be valid, it needs to be notarized. You need to have your signature and that of your Attorney notarized as it verifies that all parties are entering the agreement willingly.

    How to Get Your Power of Attorney Notarized

    The process will begin by scheduling an interview between the client and the notary.  The specifics that the donor wishes to be included in the Powers of Attorney and any limitations to the Powers of Attorney or triggering events will be noted by the notary and the document drawn.  The client will then sign the document and the notary will witness their signature.  The Attorney does not need to be present for the signing but will need to sign before a notary wherever they are situated in order for the Powers of Attorney to be valid and active.  

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