Most notaries use stamps to affix their official statements of authority as a notary public. They are used to this process and do it daily, although many people wonder whether a notary can use a signature stamp to notarize documents. Using a rubber stamp to affix their signatures would be a lot easier to use and is probably very tempting because it would avoid hand cramping and carpal tunnel. This is especially true for notaries who notarize several documents a day, although there are laws that regulate the acts of notaries and they are often very strict. For these reasons, notaries must be aware of all of the details surrounding the use of signature stamps so that there are no issues.

Some situations allow notaries to use signature stamps to notarize documents; however, this may not always be the case and it can depend on the situation as well as the documents in question. Some situations may require that the notary sign each certificate in his or her own handwriting, which would prevent the use of a signature stamp. Other situations may allow the use of a stamped signature, although this may be an exception and not the rule, so it’s always best to contact a reputable notary who can provide you with detailed answers based on the situation you are in and the services you require.

The majority of cases will require a handwritten signature, although there are exceptions, so it is always best to get a professional opinion on the matter so that you do not run into problems later on. If the documents need to be recognized in another country, the authenticity of the signature will have to be confirmed by Global Affairs Canada in what is known as a document authentication process. Your documents will be presented to them and only if they are satisfied will they place a large red stamp directly on the document to confirm that the signature is, in fact, authentic.

A reputable and experienced notary will know all of the rules and regulations surrounding this topic and will ensure they provide you with the signature method that will be approved. They will be certain about the procedure and will leave no room for errors. Make sure the notary that you choose is consistent and that they don’t switch back and forth between using a handwritten signature and a signature stamp, as this can lead to confusion. It is generally recommended that notaries use their official, handwritten signature exactly as it appears on their oath of office because it leaves no room for fraud or other problems. A signature stamp may raise a few concerns, so it’s best to have a handwritten signature.

Signature stamps are a complicated matter, so it’s best to contact Wendy Fuller Notary Public for detailed answers. Our office provides notary services and knows exactly how to proceed in every situation. If you are in the Vancouver area and want peace of mind, give our office a call today!