Knowing the difference between acknowledgments and jurats is the first step in understanding loose notary certificates, and these are common activities that notaries perform periodically. Both of these cannot be used on one document, but either one is necessary when you sign a notary.

Acknowledgements are certificates that verify and confirm a signer’s identity, and this is designed for the signer as it will allow them to declare that they personally appeared in front of the notary and signed the document willingly. It is possible for you to sign this certificate before you physically appear in front of the notary, so keep that in mind. Jurats, on the other hand, are used whenever the client affirms or swears to the truthfulness of any document, and you must be there in person for this process. Additionally, the notary will have to be present when you sign a jurat, and it is the signer who will get to decide which type of notary act they require. The notary will be able to provide you with clarification if you are in need of more information, but the signer must make the final decision.

A loose notary certificate will be required if the right notary language is not contained in the document. If a document does not have enough space for the notary stamp or if the documents do not comply with the requirements of the stay, a loose notary certificate will have to be attached, and the same is true if another notary has used a pre-printed certificate before.

It is a must that loose notary certificates are completed and attached correctly, so they need to be signed, dated and stamped. The certificate will also have to be dated and signed by the signer if there isn’t a proper place for signatures on the document, and any black spaces on your certificate that are not applicable should have a line drawn over them, as this will show that they have been acknowledged.

Once the process for notarization has been completed, the loose notary certificate should be attached in a way where removal is not a possibility, and this is generally done by attaching it under the document and stapling it on the left side. A professional notary will discuss the importance of keeping the certificate and document together to prevent fraud or its reattachment to other documents.

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