Getting a legal document notarized is an important part of the filing process. By getting a document notarized, this means that it has been authenticated, witnessed by, and certified by a notary public; a notary public is a legal officer who helps in administering oaths, authenticating legal documents, contracts, and copies, and takes affidavits and declarations on legal matters.

Within Canada, notary services are appointed via the province’s supreme court; for example, in British Columbia, they are appointed by the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

How to Notarize A Document

There are five simple steps to getting a legal document notarized.

Notary Public Consultation

You first have to meet with your local notary public. You’ll be required to bring valid identification, such as a valid government-issued ID, to your notarization signing; additionally, you may also need any relevant documents and supplementary information needed for the process.

Paperwork Preparation

Once you have everything prepared for notarization, all necessary parties are asked to be present for the witnessing of signatures by the notary. All necessary parties must bring a valid ID.

Witnessing Signatures

Once all identities are confirmed, the notary will witness the signature(s) and apply their stamp and/or seal upon authentication of the notarized document. Be advised that the notary may refuse to validate a signature if they find problems with the signer.

Seal of Authentication

Upon seal application, the document is officially notarized.


If there are any additional questions regarding the notarized document, always speak with the notary public directly regarding legal documents. Note that this step isn’t always needed.

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