It may sound simple to just put your name on the dotted line of any document, but you are always signing something for a reason. The document needs your approval because it contains important information, something only you can authorize. It deserves your attention, and shouldn’t be skimmed or taken lightly.

At Wendy Fuller Notary Public, we have seen plenty of occasions where people are simply not prepared, and we want to be sure that you are ready to avoid making the same mistake!

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when signing any document.

Carefully Read the Document At Least Twice

The most important thing to remember when signing a document is that nobody can rush you. It’s your signature and your reputation on the dotted line, so you want to be sure that what you are signing is acceptable to you. Review the document carefully, and if you have any questions, your notary public may be able to assist you with some of the finer details of the document.

Make Corrections

You are allowed to make alterations to documents! Part of the review process is ensuring that you are content with what you are signing. If you aren’t, you need to make sure that you’re happy and propose the necessary changes to do so.

The Signature Page

Your document may have a single line for your signature, or several lines for a few additional relevant signatures. Occasionally, you will be asked for a witness’ signature, which requires you to have someone cosign to say that you were observed signing the document. Occasionally, your document will ask you for a notarized signature, similar to a witness signature. The notary public will be present when you sign the document, then stamp and cosign the document to attest that it was you signing your name.

Ensure Your Signature is Legible

Most companies prefer that you sign your name in black or blue ink, as those tend to be the most legible options. Many places prefer black ink, but in the cases where you may need to differentiate between the original and copied versions of the document, blue ink is usually the requested option.

If you live in the Vancouver area and need your documents notarized, or just need some advice when signing your important documents, Wendy Fuller Notary Public is your best choice. With more than 10 years of serving clients in the Vancouver area, choose a name you can trust. Give us a call or visit our office near David Lam Park to get your expert advice today!